Popularizing People Power skills in promoting Good Governance and Fighting Corruption in Sierra Leone.

People Power Movement of Sierra Leone (PPM-SL) received a small grant from the International Centre for Nonviolent Conflict to popularize people power approaches (PPA) to good governance and fighting corruption, and mobilize the power of the people for social justice, accountability and rights.  

PPM-SL held eight workshops on people power nonviolent resistance targeting civils society organizations (CSOs), Motor Drivers Union, Bike Riders Association, youth groups, and children’s clubs in school. Radio discussion and phone-in programmes, attracting over 2,000 people, were held after each training, and it allowed both participants and the trainers to share the new ideas they learned with the wider public. PPM-SL also developed a training manual for PPM members and other civil society organizations to train local actors and ordinary citizens at community and levels about people power and how to plan, mobilize others, and carry out nonviolent campaigns. A website was also developed with the grant, and it provides suitable platform for sharing and educating PPM members, the general public and partners on the work of PPM.   

Foundation for Rural and Urban Transformation (FoRUT), a member organization and secretariat of PPM, managed the grant on behalf of PPM-SL.   

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